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unitary / унитарный, единичный
имя прилагательное
unit, individual, sporadic, solitary, unitary
имя прилагательное
forming a single or uniform entity.
a sort of unitary wholeness
of or relating to a unit or units.
It assumes that all colonists had a unitary concept of idiocy.
The concepts of pooled funding or a unitary source of funding theoretically offer a solution to the federal/state divide.
She outlined changing the constitution from presidential to parliamentary government and from a unitary to a federal system.
The question now is, how sacred is the unitary state?
A homogenising and unitary use of the culture concept by anthropologists was in some measure a product of their self-representation in the political context of universities at the time.
Their joint submission, hammered out in meetings between leaders of the council, would see Craven merge with Harrogate and other districts combine to create larger districts able to take on a unitary role.
Chapter two goes even further, attacking the ‘American master narrative’ that is described as monolithic and unitary .
It is also clear, however, that this is not a unitary or monolithic phenomenon.
Indonesia is prone to collapse despite claims that it is a unitary state.
They said that Papua was not one of the territories that declared their independence as the Indonesian unitary state on Aug 17, 1945.