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unison / унисон, согласие
имя существительное
agreement, consent, harmony, accordance, accord, unison
имя существительное
simultaneous performance of action or utterance of speech.
“Yes, sir,” said the girls in unison
coincidence in pitch of sounds or notes.
the flutes play in unison with the violas
имя прилагательное
performed in unison.
As a child, the only music I experienced was unison hymn singing with no formal leader, accompanied by an enthusiastic piano.
Let us join in chorus, just this once, harmonised or in unison , for I care not, and state our position for all Infinity to know and comprehend.
John smirked knowingly as his compatriots gasped in unison .
Even Clive was asleep by now; snoring in unison with Landon.
Soon she heard Dorset's determined footsteps return in unison with another.
His voice echoed in unison with the harsh winds whipping snow in their faces.
Then, presaged by a unison line of sax and trumpet, the rhythm kicks in.
These three management functions must work in unison to ensure consistent direction.
As is common in all combat sports in Thailand, the crowd roared in unison with every punch the local fighter threw, regardless of whether it landed or not.
He said that Lutherans sing in harmony because they are too modest to sing solos, while also believing that unison singing would make them too worldly.
What marks the Copper family tradition as distinctive is that this collective singing was not simply unison singing.