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uninviting / непривлекательный, неаппетитный
имя прилагательное
unattractive, uninviting, unsavory, frumpy, unlovable, unlovely
unappetizing, uninviting
имя прилагательное
(especially of a place or prospect) not attractive.
the house was dark and uninviting
This gets a little bigger fairly quickly, and passes a couple of uninviting junctions, before entering a wide bedding passage with a stream flowing through it.
Failure in this regard may mean that Bulgaria's delegation may find Prague in November to be a cold and uninviting place.
The only thing this bar has established is a snobby, cold & uninviting atmosphere.
Now what would otherwise have been a uninviting troglodytic restaurant is transformed into what promises to become a popular meeting place for the city's chattering classes.
The stalls are now too close together and the canopies too wide, making the passages between stalls narrow, uninviting , claustrophobic and sunless.
This really does look uninviting after dark, and is used by many more people, whilst this additional lighting would benefit both the school and the leisure centre entrances.
We should remember why the whole sculpture in the forest thing started - through the recognition of a vast and unexplored opportunity to enhance the pleasure of a visit to what many saw previously as an uninviting plantation.
Composers are writing this way, although I confess that, in the abstract, I find this prospect uninviting and, indeed, rather unsettling.
If the room is uninviting or uncomfortable, you'll soon be hearing excuses of why they are leaving a little earlier.
What excuse though did the main acts have for offering such a humourless performance, particularly on such an uninviting afternoon?