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uninteresting / неинтересный
имя прилагательное
uninteresting, insipid, blah, stuffy, dry, sapless
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
not arousing curiosity or interest.
the scenery is dull and uninteresting
The problem with politics today is not that there are more shady goings-on than there were in the past, but that it is pale and uninteresting .
It is all about texture and effect; the harmonic structure seems uninteresting , the rhythmic interest is minimal.
In my opinion this is because they got too much of it and it was done in an uninteresting and boring manner.
From the outset, the news is rather dull and uninteresting - nothing much going on.
In lesser hands, it could easily have devolved into something dull and uninteresting .
Incredibly, this second lot of inmates are even more tedious and uninteresting than the first.
To the public it would be worse than repulsive - tedious, utterly uninteresting .
Some excellent actors are wasted in flat and uninteresting roles.
They can already sense how bland and uninteresting their relationship will be, how the years will yawn away and stretch to eternity.
I think I had a notion that, being part of the midlands, the county would be flat and uninteresting .