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unintentional / неумышленный
имя прилагательное
unintentional, inadvertent, undesigned, unpremeditated, unmeant, unwilled
имя прилагательное
not done on purpose.
the translation added a layer of unintentional comedy
Yet even here there's a kind of grotesque, if unintentional , humour.
He's delighted with the result, and says he's glad to be back and no longer facing an unintentional early retirement.
These were all blameless cases of unintentional and unwitting mental telegraphy, I judge.
Two moments of unintentional humor I noticed through the usual dross of banal conversation.
The meeting had been unintentional , coincidental, but for it I was glad.
Loss of this kind is covered only when caused by an abnormal occurrence which is unintentional and unexpected as far as the insured is concerned.
The doctor was charged and convicted of unintentional homicide.
Every page, every line, contains unintentional humour as the boy wonder details his rise to a legend at Old Trafford.
The humour of this absurd sentence is apparently unintentional .
It is both intentional and conscious and unintentional and unconscious.