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unintended / непреднамеренный
unintentional, unforeseen, unwanted, unplanned
  • unintended pregnancy - нежелательная беременность
  • unintended effect - непредвиденные последствия
  • unintended results - неожиданные результаты
имя прилагательное
not planned or meant.
the unintended consequences of people's actions
A triumph, yet again, for the most pervasive rule in public policy: the law of unintended consequences.
It is possible that many of your measures have been subject to a law of unintended consequences.
Police say the rise in violence is an unintended consequence of huge improvements in car security.
He understands the suffering and the unintended consequences and the horrors of war.
It is a classic example of the law of unintended consequence.
These woolly liberals might mean well but it is the law of unintended consequences.
As an unintended consequence of regional Government we will begin to see more cultural politics.
History is the story of contradictions and unintended consequences.
Failed royal policies had other unintended consequences as well.
I suppose that his big thing is to point out how the law of unintended consequences keeps rearing its ugly head even with the best of intentions.