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uninspiring / скучны
имя прилагательное
not producing excitement or interest.
an uninspiring game that Chicago scarcely deserved to win
It's better to have loved and lost than to be in a lacklustre and uninspiring relationship for the rest of your life.
I should probably try on more items in the fitting room, because even my favourite items of clothing can look uninspiring on the hanger.
How did a country with such intelligent, inventive and generous constituents end up with such uninspiring politicians?
The sort of place they envisage Bradford becoming is clearly a far cry from the rather uninspiring face it currently presents to the world.
The first walk has a few small hills, the second walk is largely flat, but on a shabby wintery day was a bit dull and uninspiring .
The interior of East Buckley High was just as uninspiring and grey as the exterior, but in the October chill, at least it was halfway warm.
Too many school buildings have been dull, uninspiring and institutional.
It was bland and uninspiring - and, we suspected, possibly cooked from frozen rather than being fresh.
At the moment the area is gloomy and uninspiring , with grey concrete walls and floor.
During the afternoon and evening I spent much time contemplating the uninspiring square patch of rough grass that is to be our new garden.