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uninhabited / необитаемый, нежилой, безлюдный
имя прилагательное
uninhabited, desert, desolate, unoccupied, empty, wild
uninhabited, uninhabitable, empty, untenantable
deserted, uninhabited, unmanned, desolate, solitary
имя прилагательное
(of a place) without inhabitants.
small uninhabited islands
The first two doors led to uninhabited rooms, only filled with unused beds and bureaus.
Rusty iron scraps, pipes and unusually shaped stones were scattered around the inhospitable and largely uninhabited area, it said.
The high urbanisation has resulted in massive tracts of uninhabited land across the country.
If it's solitude you're seeking, Rannoch Moor is the largest uninhabited area in Britain.
They stopped at a normally uninhabited site and chose it to host the fire.
Many of these storms, if they occurred in uninhabited areas, would pass without any notice or impacts.
The jump is likely to take place in May next year in an uninhabited area of Canada, although the details have not been finalised.
I left [school] to help my sister who was fishing in inland water ponds, which are situated in uninhabited areas.
Many settlers made their way to Utah by wagon train in search of an uninhabited land to start their own way of life.
He just sends me out, and I direct the people to the uninhabited areas of the junkyard.