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uninformed / несведущий, неосведомленный
имя прилагательное
ignorant, uninformed, incompetent, unversed, inexpert, incognizant
uninformed, unenlightened, unposted
имя прилагательное
not having or showing awareness or understanding of the facts.
uninformed criticism of conservation projects
It is this narrow mindset that causes such confusion in the uninformed .
This inverts the philosophy of education: the imparting of knowledge by the informed to the uninformed .
Some beetled about placing and replacing cones to some intricate masterplan that escaped the uninformed eye.
We have to be very careful that this isn't a licence for uninformed private criticisms.
It seemed like everyone wanted to give you their opinions, no matter how half-baked and uninformed .
However, I find that most people are woefully uninformed , lay, clergy, and religious alike.
He called my opinions ignorant and uninformed .
Both groups are forced to suffer the prejudices that have been fuelled by the tabloids and absorbed by an uninformed public.
That's a lot of people uninformed that their friend is on the train.
From the latest jokes to discussions on the hot issues of the day, they rarely arrive uninformed or without a strong opinion.