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unimproved / необработанный, неулучшенный, неиспользованный
имя прилагательное
raw, rough, undressed, unmanufactured, crude, unimproved
unused, unutilized, unemployed, unimproved
имя прилагательное
not made better.
Bulgaria has remained in the group of the poorest European nations, consumption is shrinking, the living standards of the majority of Bulgarians has remained unimproved , and this creates social tensions, the President said.
Unfortunately, some of the weaker aspects of the interface - namely the map and journal features - are unimproved from the PC version of the game, and due to the lower resolution of the TV screen, can even be a bit worse.
What Aristotle had written in ancient Greece, classifying the minerals known then, remained unchallenged and unimproved into the nineteenth century.
All three of these rejected positions presumed that human nature, unimproved by human effort and considered with little relation to God, was an adequate source to inspire conduct.
The Mohawk was designed to perform observation, artillery spotting, reconnaissance, command and utility missions from small, unimproved fields under all weather conditions.
‘We are committed both in word and in deed to taking every conceivable action to make sure a system that was allowed to go unimproved for far too long is now improved,’ Pitt said.
For this is Hob Moor, where the pasture is all the better for being unimproved .
A combination of footpaths, unimproved dirt roads, and national highways connect the community to Bamako, which is approximately 35 kilometers away.
At any particular time, the land-value tax on an improved parcel would be equal to the tax levied on a similarly situated parcel that is unimproved , so it cannot discourage development in the way LeFevre thought.
Like the Air Force, the Navy, through its Reserve forces, operates the C - 130 cargo plane, which can deliver cargo to fixed airfields, including unimproved runways.
The Dominican Republic's mountainous interior and long stretches of unimproved roads make for perfect fat-tire odysseys.