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unimpressed / невпечатлен
имя прилагательное
feeling no admiration, interest, or respect.
However, industry observers were unimpressed , and it has failed to lift the share price.
Of course, as he tells his story, what emerges is his fundamental decency, and Old Nick remains unimpressed .
When they awoke their stinking hangovers were not helped by being hauled up in front of a distinctly unimpressed female judge.
One woman with fiery red hair and seemingly a temper to match seemed unimpressed with Sparrow's act.
I had a sausage roll for breakfast, and was severely unimpressed with myself.
The horse Winston was singularly unimpressed by any of these aspects; in fact, he looked extremely sulky.
Many remain unimpressed , still waiting for a new top-down ideology to chart the course.
Like so many people we believed the spiel about Hardy's Bay and were really unimpressed when we arrived!
I'm sure Marie-Claire won't mind me admitting that I was a little unimpressed by the first class or two.
It was once regarded with suspicion by employers, who were unimpressed by the notion of students lazing around for months.
She looked decidedly unimpressed with the boys' antics, or her hiccups, or something.