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unimpeded / беспрепятственный
имя прилагательное
unobstructed, smooth, unimpeded, unchecked, untrammeled, through
имя прилагательное
not obstructed or hindered.
an unimpeded view across the headland
Whatever, the traffic must continue to flow unimpeded .
Ships are built in sections in a covered berth - one of the biggest in the world - which allows a 24-hour operation unimpeded by weather.
The rooms now have an unimpeded view of the border fence a few metres away.
In order to get the best daylight and unimpeded views, Jim rose at 5am each morning during the summer.
He had an unimpeded view of the oncoming Allied forces.
By Five Mile Grade, a brutal section heightened by an unimpeded view of the entire ridge, the road starts taking its toll.
When the bricks had been removed, Bailey received his reward - an unimpeded view of the hotel across the street.
This relatively open setting allowed for unimpeded views from the villa across the demesne.
She sees me ride around a rather flat and unimpeded corner, then suddenly brake like a madman, roll off the bike, and lie on my back waving my arms in the air.
The scaffolding must provide clear and unimpeded access to all areas of the wall or surface to be plastered.