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unilateral / односторонний, унилатеральный
имя прилагательное
unilateral, one-sided, lopsided, irreciprocal, one-way, one-legged
имя прилагательное
(of an action or decision) performed by or affecting only one person, group, or country involved in a particular situation, without the agreement of another or the others.
unilateral nuclear disarmament
relating to, occurring on, or affecting only one side of an organ or structure, or of the body.
This item is aimed at examining the patient for evidence of a unilateral cerebellar lesion.
I did not take a unilateral decision, and all these people turned out to be rather good at their jobs.
During her inpatient stay, this woman developed a painful, unilateral erythematous rash in a butterfly distribution.
Other causes of unilateral or bilateral parotitis warrant consideration however.
There was no unilateral agreement saying that the G8 countries need to change their trade policies.
Most of the tumors were unilateral involving the right side slightly more often than the left.
The headache may be generalized, but it is more commonly unilateral and localized to the temporal area.
Divorce can be by mutual consent or at the initiative of the wife and by the unilateral decision of the husband.
Our interests are best protected not by unilateral action but by multilateral agreement and a world order governed by rules.
Whatever the merits of unilateral nuclear disarmament, women were a lot braver a quarter of a century ago.
Currently, most prophylactic knee braces use unilateral or bilateral bars with hinges.