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unification / объединение, унификация
имя существительное
association, union, unification, combination, merger, integration
имя существительное
the process of being united or made into a whole.
A progressive union of Europe requires the political unification of the working class.
The process of unification will therefore have to be very different.
Can the people of Taiwan have higher earnings after unification or integration?
The political unification of England within its present borders took place very early.
The key question facing Europe after 1989 has been how to manage the process of German unification .
To be healthy is to be whole, and without unification of the mind, body and spirit, a person will fall ill.
Mike was the right person at the right time to deal with the problems of unification in a merger.
The achievement of horizontal integration depends on essential unification of primary function areas.
At the heart of a socialist programme is the international unification of the working class.
there were conversations about unification between the Church of England and the Methodist Church
Twelve years after German unification , unemployment in the east is still twice as high as in the west.