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unidirectional / однонаправленный
имя прилагательное
moving or operating in a single direction.
The work of Gough has shown that a metal deforms under cyclic strain by slip on the same atomic planes and in the same crystallographic directions as in unidirectional strain.
There is also a growing body of evidence that the process of listening is not unidirectional but involves information being fed back to the hearing mechanism.
It's fast, only costs a few pence and is unidirectional like e-mail.
It means that the causality of evolution is not unidirectional .
As we have seen time and time again, these international reverberations are by no means unidirectional or even multidirectional, but revolving.
This irrational emotional economy has short-circuited itself through the excess of a unidirectional flow of desire.
Our concept of time and its unidirectional flow could not exist in such a world.
The project comprises a main flyover along Seshadri Road with unidirectional carriageway, and a loop towards Race Course side with a unidirectional carriageway.
But over time and aided by unidirectional modernism the communal aspects have not only been taken for granted but also alienated.
Movements in respect of exchange rates may not, however, be unidirectional .
A loop is provided towards Race Course Road with a unidirectional 7.5 metres wide carriageway grade level service road for free turn towards Seshadripuram.