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unhygienic / негигиеничный, нездоровый
имя прилагательное
unhygienic, unsanitary
unhealthy, unwell, ill, indisposed, unwholesome, unhygienic
имя прилагательное
not clean or sanitary.
damp, unhygienic accommodations
More than half the eating places visited by Oldham council officials in the last three months were dirty and unhygienic and had to be served with enforcement notices.
Would we stop buying and become filthy / unhygienic cretins?
The unhygienic practice of open defecation leads to contamination of water sources and high incidence of disease.
As the Evening Press Easter investigation had found, many were dirty and unhygienic - hardly creating the best impression.
This is not only unhygienic but also adds to the environment pollution.
For example, why should our cities and villages be so unclean and unhygienic ?
They are unsightly, unhygienic , and at times unsafe.
Five food stores in Tooting have been temporarily closed down in the last two months for being dirty, unhygienic and riddled with vermin.
The toilet facilities in most grounds are a disgrace - they're unhealthy, unhygienic and should be levelled and rebuilt.
What food is available is frequently contaminated because of pollution and unhygienic conditions.