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unhurt / целый и невредимый
имя прилагательное
целый и невредимый
unhurt, hunky
имя прилагательное
not hurt or harmed.
Rebecca gave a few cries from the surprise, but was completely unhurt , thank god.
A demolition worker escaped unhurt when several tonnes of rubble fell on the digger he was driving today.
Described as a local family man and highly experienced police officer, he was said to be shaken but unhurt following his ordeal.
They were unhurt , and warehouse managers immediately sealed off the aisles until safety inspectors arrived.
She was found unhurt by passers-by who took her to the police station.
Shaken up, but fortunately, unhurt , the woman offered Jonathan money for his good deed, but he refused.
The baby was unhurt and Serena suffered minor injuries to her hand.
Staff escaped unhurt but the shots shattered the windscreens of their vehicles, leaving workers badly shaken.
The occupants of the coach were all unhurt , but the driver and teachers who witnessed the crash were described as very shaken.
The female driver of the Vauxhall, who comes from Spain, was unhurt .
His daughter, in her 20s, managed to scramble free from the vehicle unhurt .