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unhorse / сбрасывать с лошади
сбрасывать с лошади
dismount, unhorse, down, play up, unseat
cause to fall from a horse.
having unhorsed each other, the two men finished the fight on foot
her mission is to unhorse fashionable literary figures and theories
her mission is to unhorse fashionable literary theories
And hardest of all was the force needed to unhorse a performer hesitant to fall on cue.
Sir Andros easily unhorsed his challenger, and the young Kerric landed flat on his back with a loud crash, steel plates clattering about his body, helmet rolling away.
His narrative provided my father with a good deal of background and color though, except for the incident of the unhorsed Indian, few useful specifics.
By unhorsing the only white knight around at the time, the government effectively caused the group to collapse.
A few phone calls later, O'Reilly says, the Hopkins myth was unhorsed .
One wouldn't want to be unhorsed in the middle of the chase, what?
During a street clash in 1912 a 73-year-old woman unionist unhorsed the Police Commissioner with her hatpin.
One imagines that an eager young suitor, taking his girl there on a first date, could be seriously unhorsed when he tried to order that impressive bottle of Pinot Grigiot he had in mind.