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unholy / нечестивый, порочный, ужасный
имя прилагательное
unholy, impious, profane, nefarious, godless, unrighteous
vicious, perverse, evil, unholy
terrible, horrible, awful, appalling, dreadful, unholy
имя прилагательное
sinful; wicked.
It was difficult for a man considering all kinds of violence sinful to conceive that there did exist some use for it in the universe which was not unholy and sacrilegious.
Describing the link between the two as ‘an unholy alliance,’ Judge Roger Scott said it had become ‘a worrying trend.’
And what a crowd-puller such an unholy alliance makes.
On Saturday I had let Ralph outside and five minutes later he began to emit the unholy high-pitched yelping racket that signals that he has found some prey, and will now chase it out of the yard.
Is it time for us in the Church to say that splitting atoms is unholy work, work that even ‘at its best’ is inherently incapable of giving glory to the God who made heaven and earth?
How can he get himself, the Americans, oh yes, and us, out of this unholy mess?
In fact it is decidedly kickass unhilarious, as must surely have been obvious to all concerned as soon as principal photography began on this unholy mess.
They were told of how these sinners writhed and danced to their wicked music in an unholy reverence to their false idol.
She shows that the austere Pope Urban, who slept on bare boards and did his best to free the church from its unholy alliance with the mercenaries, also had a cupboard filled with 1,080 ermine skins for his personal use.
And as a result, you really have this unholy alliance.
They're sweet guys, and they look like college kids, but the boys in Mogwai make an unholy racket that is most pleasing to the ear.