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unhinged / выбивать из колеи, снимать с петель, расстраивать
выбивать из колеи
unsettle, unhinge
снимать с петель
upset, unsettle, detune, disturb, thwart, baffle
имя прилагательное
mentally unbalanced; deranged.
the violent acts of unhinged minds
make (someone) mentally unbalanced.
the loneliness had nearly unhinged him
take (a door) off its hinges.
By pulling it, he'd not only cracked the plank in half, he'd unhinged the door itself.
Not all the opponents are unhinged , of course.
She looks kind of crazy, a bit unhinged .
His unhinged language suggested that persecution mania briefly deranged him.
He doesn't even acknowledge that she might have been upset or unhinged enough to kill herself.
Other nations have confronted terrorism of a more sustained nature without coming thoroughly unhinged .
Someone who is this unhinged sounds like the type who might turn on his benefactors.
An unhinged American general single-handedly launches a nuclear attack on the Soviet Union.
Simply put, she does not embody the character; she is too healthy-looking and not sufficiently unhinged to make you really believe her.
the violent acts of unhinged minds
The woman also had about 6 or 7 cats - which in my book is always a good sign of someone being unhinged .