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unheralded / незапланированная
unexpected, undeclared, sudden
имя прилагательное
not previously announced, expected, or recognized.
True, he is still no giant, but we have now been introduced to yet another previously unheralded ordinary man.
‘This increase acknowledges the valuable and unheralded work done by carers and demonstrates our commitment to them,’ she said.
A scratchy burst of static warns me that an announcement is about to burst in, unheralded , on my loud speaker.
It will be recalled that he arrived unheralded , unknown, with no money, no proper running gear and no seconds for his first crack at the Washie last year.
But somehow, completely unheralded , this unknown developer has managed to create a game which transcends the ones it copied.
But it's for his unheralded behind the scenes charitable acts that the unassuming mega-millionaire is held is such high regard among people of his native county.
A talented player is often overshadowed by a future Hall of Famer on his own team, and an otherwise noteworthy performance may go unheralded .
Elliott was an Alabama congressman, and the reason why I really wanted to write about him is that somewhat unheralded are the southern white moderates who did things to advance civil rights.
The changes included in the recent Criminal Justice Bill were unheralded , reversed government policy and were not announced to Parliament.
Most remain anonymous, caught in a netherworld between the military and the private sector, unheralded and unknown.
Ten years ago, long before he won his first cap for Scotland or the Lions, Tom Smith turned up unannounced and unheralded at London Scottish's leafy ground in Richmond.