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unhelpful / бесполезный
имя прилагательное
not helpful.
several complained that the staff were unhelpful
Insiders worried that it could in fact be unhelpful and make it more difficult to create good syllabuses.
My physiotherapist, GP and other doctors I saw thought this would be unhelpful , so I refused.
We do not accept involuntary ejections of speech if they are abusive or plainly unhelpful : it is not what the blog is about.
That some newspapers had already had their say before the match, according to Taylor, was deeply unhelpful .
Why did some of his answers seem to support the government in its war with the BBC, while others were actively unhelpful ?
Anyone seeking clues as to the identity of these NYC-based electronicists will find their website unhelpful .
Of course, this was a slightly unhelpful five years after the event.
Faculties also seemed to be unhelpful despite the fact that they have a certain level of autonomy in examination procedure.
On Saturday, having had enough of our unhelpful mobile phone operator, we decided to go shopping for a pair of new phones.
Removing the unhelpful heat from the debate, which can all too easily become polarised, is a necessary first step.