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unheard / неизвестный, неслышный, невыслушанный
имя прилагательное
unknown, strange, obscure, unheard, nameless, unbeknown
inaudible, unheard, quiet
имя прилагательное
not heard or listened to.
my protests went unheard
It was rumoured that he had a spy in every building, and that no word spoken in his sector would go unheard by his listening ears.
Meanwhile, unseen and unheard , local producers and wholesalers face the steady decline of their business.
So there are voices speaking out against this extra injustice, but those voices largely go unheard .
He heard his voice pierce the air, low and almost unheard to most, but horribly loud to his own ears.
Those who had been unheard for some time might want to try to push back their popularity using this.
For a book about money, finance and the stock market, those sorts of numbers were previously unheard of.
He has now filed a petition with the country's High Court claiming he has found previously unheard evidence.
Questions pertaining to human rights violation went unheard into oblivion.
In Moscow, there is a great body of expertise on the historic environment, yet it appears to go unheard .
They could also keep the rights of their images, something previously unheard of.