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unhealthy / нездоровый, больной, болезненный
имя прилагательное
unhealthy, unwell, ill, indisposed, unwholesome, ailing
sick, ill, sore, diseased, ailing, unhealthy
painful, morbid, sickly, sore, diseased, unhealthy
имя прилагательное
harmful to health.
an unhealthy diet
And it could become more of a problem in Asia as unhealthy elements in Western diets are adopted.
The lesson I learned that day: Obesity can be a dangerous and unhealthy condition.
That's the kind of thing that probably causes ulcers, and as such probably also foments very unhealthy attitudes.
Others would argue, of course, that Dawn and her husband are contributing to our society's already unhealthy attitude toward women.
However, don't take this attitude to an unhealthy extreme; everything you most want to believe is not automatically wrong.
How about all the lives lost through unhealthy and dangerous working conditions, for which no compensation was ever awarded to the victims?
By making us aware of the origins of our unhealthy behaviour, psychoanalysis helps us to adapt to external reality.
This concern is associated with an increased risk of women engaging in unhealthy eating behaviours.
This is unsightly, unhygienic and, given the present climate of contagious illness, positively unhealthy .
Home-grown food improves the diet and bypasses many unhealthy aspects of production and distribution.