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unharness / распрягать, выпрягать, отпрягать
unharness, unbridle, outspan
remove a harness from (a horse or other animal).
They unharnessed the horses and pulled his curricle away to celebrate.
We were greeted at the Karelian hamlet of Vuokkiniemi by a small crowd of gangly teenage boys, who stood and stared but stayed their distance, watching these strange people unharness the huskies and mix their warm meal.
If you're headed off into deep, unpacked snow for a backcountry excursion, unharness your pet, for deeper snow requires too much extra effort for pulling.
The dogs have to be unharnessed and staked out far enough so they don't fight one another.
They unharnessed the horses and pulled his curricle away to celebrate.
On the command of both kings the horses of both chariots were unharnessed .
Wordlessly, with Sister Probina's hateful eyes on her, Adriana unharnessed the black saddle-mule, her favorite of the two.
If a farmer ploughing his field encounters a boulder, he unharnesses his oxen from the plough and rips the boulder from the ground and moves it aside.
Other camels were spared a finishing bullet by compassionate handlers who unharnessed them into a harsh wilderness, feeling that Allah would provide.
She contented herself with unharnessing and caring for the horses.