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unharmed / невредимый, нетронутый
имя прилагательное
unscathed, unharmed, safe, scatheless, whole, without scathe
intact, untouched, pristine, virgin, untapped, unharmed
имя прилагательное
not harmed; uninjured.
all the hostages were released unharmed
This one was very scary, as the fall sent me rolling across three lanes of busy traffic, but both my bike and my person came out of it unharmed .
The 17 workers in the warehouse when the fire took hold at 6.30 am escaped unharmed .
He was released unharmed after being held captive for nine months.
He remained, wallet intact, unharmed by so much as a single scratch or nip.
No one knows if the 20 or so Western hostages still held by rebels will be released unharmed - or killed.
He pointed out many Kerry people were in London and hoped they were unharmed .
Yet, despite the tremendous odds against him, he passes through all the dangers unharmed .
He said the man was not armed and was only a danger to himself, and added that the woman, believed to be from East Hull, was unharmed .
It was resolved when all hostages were released unharmed three weeks later.
Police said the woman, too terrified to be named, was shocked and fearful of reprisals but otherwise unharmed .