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unhand / выпускать, отнимать руки, выпускать из рук
release, let out, produce, issue, let go, unhand
отнимать руки
выпускать из рук
let go, unhand, unclasp, drop, relinquish one's hold
release (someone) from one's grasp.
“Unhand me, sir!” she cried
Now unhand me, sir, or I vill cook your goose instead of the one on the stove!
Kindly unhand me sir; for I don't wish to dirty my dress with your muddy paws!
Please unhand me, I do not wish to inflict harm.
‘Monsieur,’ she chided, a cold smile twisting her charming lips, ‘I would unhand me were I you.’
They unhanded her immediately, and Lee walked to the passenger's side at the back, and grabbed her father's coat and put it on.