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ungracious / нелюбезный, неприятный, неприветливый
имя прилагательное
ungracious, disobliging, unaffable, unhandsome, unkindly
unpleasant, disagreeable, nasty, distasteful, obnoxious, ungracious
surly, unfriendly, cold, cool, wintry, ungracious
имя прилагательное
not polite or friendly.
after Anna's kindness I wouldn't want to seem ungracious
not graceful or elegant.
You've got to downplay the compliment but you can't reject it because that seems ungracious .
But really, they've been so ungracious about the whole thing!
In this fairly ungracious position (the view up my shorts for the bloke on the exercise bike opposite can't have been too nice) I started to do sit-ups.
They were unlucky, but that doesn't excuse the ungracious manner of their exit.
It would be ungracious of me to hope that bad things happen to you in return, so I'll merely take solace in my knowledge that you have to go through life having a personality like that.
Perhaps someone could offer a reasonable explanation - not just a lame excuse - for this apparent cold, ungracious , disrespectful conduct and lapse in basic good manners?
Perhaps you're feeling upset because of personal problems which have led you to behave in an ungracious manner?
Remember that his ungracious words about Irish rugby did not begin last week, they actually started in the summer when he outlined a series of reasons why South Africa could not lose to the likes of Ireland.
We are so relaxed, cheerful and sated after our meals that such a complaint would be ungracious .
It may seem ungracious to describe Galway's loss to Mayo in the Connacht under-21 football semi-final in Castlebar last Wednesday as a flop.