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ungovernable / неуправляемый, необузданный, неукротимый
имя прилагательное
ungovernable, unguided, unruled
unbridled, unrestrained, unchecked, wild, ungovernable, lawless
indomitable, irrepressible, unappeasable, insuppressible, ungovernable, tameless
имя прилагательное
impossible to control or govern.
It makes us question the balance between human control and the heretofore ungovernable forces we deemed natural.
The Kabul government no longer faces a movement capable of taking over the country; rather, it faces regional insurgencies, capable of making the country ungovernable .
Someone unruly was ungovernable or disorderly; the modern sense is a weakening of this.
The public sphere in many ways had become ungovernable , in that it was difficult if not impossible to retain control over how products were consumed.
But the question remains, as a seemingly ungovernable party continues to languish in electoral obscurity and tear itself apart, whether the smack of firm leadership will be enough to save the Scottish Tories.
It also praised the reaction of New Yorkers to the tragedy: ‘The supposedly ungovernable city showed it could govern itself under the most terrifying pressure.’
If the laws are unfavourable, we must make the country ungovernable .
But the unmistakable impression is that they are now putting short-term partisanship ahead of good policy by trying to make the House ungovernable .
I try to control it but if it slips out it is ungovernable .
Economic liberalization was then undertaken to restore the fiscal base, and thence government control over what had become ungovernable economies.
The country was soon essentially ungovernable , with various warlords in murderous control of their own fiefdoms.