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ungodly / неверующий, возмутительный, нелепый
имя прилагательное
unbelieving, unbeliever, faithless, irreligious, disbeliever, ungodly
outrageous, scandalous, shocking, invidious, ungodly, crying
absurd, ridiculous, ludicrous, preposterous, grotesque, ungodly
имя прилагательное
irreligious or immoral.
ungodly lives of self-obsession, lust, and pleasure
The girls are failing to make the transition and keep waking up in a cranky state at some ungodly hour that starts with a 5.
‘She was a lesbian, so she was regarded as a man-hater and a freak, and something that was ungodly ,’ says Broomfield.
There's something ungodly about it.
Apart from scandals that have rocked the sacred houses, there is an increase in the ungodly activities of the men of the pulpit and some of their flock.
They compare civil union legislation to legalizing inter-racial marriage, which was also once considered ungodly and unnatural.
The days are evil and the ungodly are against us.
But vilifying a group, saying that they are evil, ungodly , unnatural or conspiring to take over the world is not sufficient.
Most of Philip's cheese comes from the west country, and once a month he gets up at the ungodly hour of 4.30 am for a round trip of the region in his refrigerated van.
We are a godly people, which makes our enemies ungodly , even demonic.
We set out at 5am, an ungodly hour for most people, but prime time for a morning person like myself.