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unglued / отклеенный
имя прилагательное
not or no longer stuck.
grease particles come unglued from the plate
The glue will dry almost immediately and you can never get it unglued .
It took us quite a while to get them unglued , but we managed to do that this morning.
The copy I reviewed was soft cover, which hopefully will withstand the test of time and use, and pages will not become unglued and fall out.
If you flex these two 'books', the one with unglued pages will fold easily because the pages will slide on each other.
If they are unglued , it only serves to scare viewers, not inform them.
When he felt his eyes were sufficiently unglued , he wandered over to lift the scroll and read its contents.
Of course, don't overlook the condition of ‘smoldering rage,’ with a low threshold for becoming unglued .
She slid two fingers underneath the unglued flap, popped it open and slid out the note paper with an overwhelming sense of dread.
On this unglued section, a tag board cover is glued.
My copy's spine was unglued when I cracked the can, so I had to have it replaced.