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unglamorous / непопулярных
имя прилагательное
lacking glamour and excitement.
an unglamorous family car
There is a very unglamorous fridge, stuffed with browning apples, cheap champagne and bottles of Evian water, a box of tissues and seven rather grubby spoons.
But that takes unglamorous hard and dedicated work.
She described her look for the film as ‘completely unglamorous , almost no make-up, bit of a dumpy potato’.
Their activity is often unglamorous and rarely acknowledged.
Twickenham had been muted and unglamorous all day, and yet a rather tepid presentation ceremony for the Cook Cup could not mask England's satisfaction.
In contrast to the romantic dreams of heady cup successes, these are crucial league points in the ongoing and often unglamorous business of defining our league status.
Yet it's often these realistic, unglamorous details which give his women their grace, their vitality, their uncensored sensuality.
She has built a remarkable career on roles that are often decidedly unglamorous , yet always eye-catching and compellingly real.
Their ministerial responsibilities, however unglamorous , matter to thousands of people, as the family credit fiasco showed.
It also enjoys great support from an army of volunteers who help out throughout the year, doing a variety of unglamorous tasks such as mail-outs.