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unfurnished / немеблированный, необставленный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
(of a house or apartment) without furniture, especially available to be rented without furniture.
an unfurnished apartment
not supplied.
he is unfurnished with the ideas of justice
She and her new flatmate, Jasper, were moving into a completely unfurnished flat, so they'd have nothing to sit on.
I have decided that it is best to let the flat unfurnished , so it's time to say goodbye to what has been a trusty friend for the last few years.
On one occasion parents had temporarily rented an unfurnished flat in the catchment area and had decorated only the front room in a bid to convince a visiting education officer the property was occupied.
To be shown round a new unfurnished flat involves, in a sense, seeing nothing - seeing a place with nothing in it.
I seemed to be in an unfurnished , semi-renovated apartment.
But apartments come unfurnished over here, so there's a spot of shopping to be done.
The house came unfurnished so one would think there must be less packing to do.
So we rented an unfurnished apartment and shipped over all of our own furniture.
One at a time, they or their families appear on screen in a stripped-down, minimal set that resembles nothing so much as an unfurnished prison cell.
One year after his imprisonment the two-storey home was still largely unfurnished .