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unfrequented / малолюдный, редко посещаемый
имя прилагательное
unfrequented, thinly populated, poorly
редко посещаемый
имя прилагательное
(of a place) visited only rarely.
an unfrequented dirt path off the road to the beach
There were blackberry bushes thickly massed in unfrequented corners of the park, and he tried them, copying the style of the adult foxes.
Official sources hold that terrorists frequently cross over from Afghanistan using unfrequented routes, commit bank robberies and sectarian-related killings.
An estimated 300-500 refugees are entering Pakistan daily via unfrequented routes.
The usually unfrequented walkway saw crowds thronging the various stalls to look at, and in several instances buy, the multitude of objects on show.
There a member of a visiting team drove a cricket ball out of the ground on to an unfrequented adjacent public road and it struck and severely injured a lady who happened to be standing in the road.
That unfrequented little bay not far from here was our very own private hideout until some low, boorish money makers pushed their way in.
The main physical feature of the hill are the two great corries which are gouged out of the eastern flanks of the hill, the dark side of the mountain which is relatively unseen, and unfrequented .
We perplexed everyone around us by walking up the unfrequented road the quarter mile or so to the museum.
To get to know the unfrequented highlands, the rolling hills, the medieval hilltop towns and the wild empty beaches of one of the least developed rural regions of Europe, travellers have to get away from the main holiday road.
But it appears that the council will not be content until every street in the neighbourhood, however small and unfrequented , has got its share of bumps.