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unfreeze / размораживать
defrost, unfreeze, defreeze
cause (something) to thaw.
I slowly unfroze my jaws and opened my mouth to speak.
The government, however, believed that Wang used the documents to try to unfreeze money being held in Swiss banks.
He's there to unfreeze her basement pipes in winter, and to visit her when she's hospitalized, rubbing her feet to raise her spirits.
If mortgage and other regular payments are made from that account they will not be paid, and it will need the agreement of both spouses to unfreeze an account.
The 15 council members voted unanimously to allow Ariana to resume international flights, which were halted in October 1999, and to unfreeze the airline's assets.
the 15 council members voted unanimously to unfreeze the airline's assets
The engines had to be heated by four large burners to unfreeze the oil before they could start.
As a result of his investigations the US government was forced into a series of embarrassing retractions and had to unfreeze $24 million of assets.
he borrowed a candle to unfreeze the lock
She is calling on the State to unfreeze the assets of her family.
We already know how to unfreeze it, so let's work on that first before we figure out why.