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unfounded / необоснованный, неосновательный, бездоказательный
имя прилагательное
unfounded, unwarranted, ungrounded, baseless, unsound, invalid
flimsy, unfounded, groundless, insubstantial, idle
unsubstantiated, unfounded
имя прилагательное
having no foundation or basis in fact.
her persistent fear that she had cancer was unfounded
It was all very negative and most of it was unfounded and/or hyperbole which I was able to refute fairly easily and did so.
It's really important to get beyond those completely unfounded generalizations.
From there on rational thought was lost in a fug of unfounded speculation.
Solicitors representing the University claim that the grounds of the boycott are unfounded .
Yet the government's worry about loosening the restrictions was not unfounded .
Instead, they want all complaints subjected to a vetting process to weed out those that are malicious or unfounded .
So the great war hero is going to bring up unfounded accusations against George Bush.
To our utter disbelief, the story turned out to be totally unfounded , without a grain of truth.
The company has yet to remark whether the report was founded or unfounded .
It's my own duty to expose Caz for the flimsy lies and unfounded insults she slaps up here on a weekly basis.