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unforeseen / непредвиденный, не предусмотренный
имя прилагательное
unexpected, unforeseen, emergency, contingent, unsuspected, incalculable
не предусмотренный
unforeseen, unprovided
имя прилагательное
not anticipated or predicted.
insurance to protect yourself against unforeseen circumstances
Due to unforeseen circumstances the day trip to Birr Castle has been cancelled.
Currently the scheme is about four weeks behind due to unforeseen problems with the demolition of parts of the former hospital.
The folks had to come back today due to unforeseen circumstances.
It is always the unforeseen angle and the unexpected colour that grabs the attention.
It does not matter that they are unusual, unexpected, unforeseen and unforeseeable.
Our mortgage is about £40,000 and we'd want a cash buffer for unforeseen circumstances.
It is unfortunate that although all utilities were consulted at the outset, unforeseen problems were uncovered.
There will be unforeseen circumstances; regime change will not be confined to Iraq.
There are too many variables and unforeseen circumstances to predict the future with any certainty.
But such a complicated and difficult process was bound to produce flaws and unforeseen difficulties.