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unfocused / несфокусированный
имя прилагательное
имя прилагательное
(of a person or their eyes) not seeing clearly; appearing glazed or expressionless.
Bearded and black-capped, he avoids our gaze with unfocused eyes.
make or become blurred or unable to see clearly.
I found it helpful to slightly unfocus my eyes
cause to lose concentration or attention.
it might unfocus the jury and distract it
Americans have recently lived in a country where collective anxiety was diffuse and unfocused .
He looked up at Christine through very unfocused eyes.
He turned his head in her direction, opening his eyes, their unfocused gaze resting somewhere out there.
The knight looked over with unfocused eyes, flicking back and forth like a caged animal.
If the dish plonked before our unfocused eyes was not radioactive red, we would miss it with our spoons.
His father seemed to have ignored his response, and turned his unfocused eyes to look at Dimitri.
He looks down at Tristan, who still gazes silently at him through glassy unfocused eyes.
The emotional couplet thus produced combines furious glee and abject melancholy, helpless vulnerability and unfocused rage.
As a sputtering knife-wielding hooligan, she's unfocused rage and violence.
He presented what seemed to be two unfocused photos of foliage in red and black, respectively.