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unflattering / нелестно
имя прилагательное
not flattering.
the reviews of the book were very unflattering
The couple spent most of their wedding night with the magazine's picture editor making sure no unflattering images made it on to the printed page.
What do we imagine they are like, these disagreeable reflections, these unflattering mirrors that our thoughts provide?
Go back further, to the heavy-hitters of the western canon, and plenty of unflattering portraits exist as well.
The hairstyles she wore were being shown in different media after I met her and the songs and movies they showed were very unflattering .
What do these unflattering portraits tell us about the current status of designers?
My fears of an unflattering portrait with a Pinocchio nose begin to recede.
Charlotte, the Yale graduate in her unflattering woollen tank-top is made to feel dowdy and dull by this jabbering Valley girl.
Despite his quiet, diffident manner, the Humberside police chief is becoming used to an unflattering limelight.
The historical records that paint such an unflattering portrait of the town have just been released on the internet.
A suitably unflattering headshot of the party's candidate is a must for me, and the Greens have not disappointed.