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unflappable / невозмутимый
имя прилагательное
imperturbable, unflappable, unperturbed, impassive, cool, unstirred
имя прилагательное
having or showing calmness in a crisis.
Malati, a sedate old female, was a placid soul, unflappable even in a crisis.
Usually unflappable , the German-born cardinal choked with emotion.
It was my brother that was always reckoned to be the laid back, unflappable one.
He was absolutely unflappable even when Ganguly was out.
However, he does have the habit of taking his unflappable approach on to the pitch when a bit of flap is badly needed, especially when chasing down an opposition kick.
His unflappable dispassionate calm is an end in itself.
A brief wave of nausea broke through her normally unflappable control.
The unflappable Northern Ireland international has a presence and confidence about him that is obviously rubbing off on his fellow defenders.
For almost all his career he's been regarded as one of the game's more astute players - unflappable , controlled.
It was a supremely rational column that made it sound like I had it all together, unflappable in the face of grief.
Unfortunately, Lone is so unflappable and in control that it's difficult to actively dislike him.