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unflagging / неослабевающий
имя прилагательное
unflagging, relentless, unrelenting, staying
имя прилагательное
tireless; persistent.
his apparently unflagging enthusiasm impressed her
His exuberance and unflagging talents were duly noted by West Indies selectors and it wasn't long before he became a member of the West Indies under-19 team.
As Dean has shown, the best way for an outsider to prove his readiness for prime-time politics is to run for the White House with unflagging determination.
I walk on, my determination unflagging to make it before the clock strikes 6.
Both Lincoln and Roosevelt were brilliant wartime leaders precisely because they were able to overcome adversity and inspire the country toward ultimate victory with their unflagging will to win.
This was a challenge that Newton took up with unflagging enthusiasm for the last fifty-five years of his life.
Ireland's artisans delighted us with their heart, their stamina and their unflagging will to win - they fully deserved in the end to beat Spain's artistas, but were denied.
She left the portals of decision-making long ago, and has been at it now for sometime with a remarkably undiminished enthusiasm and an equally unflagging intellectual curiosity.
If that situation is to change, physicists must have an unflagging commitment to education.
Yet in spite of her age, her enthusiasm was unflagging , for she exclaimed in a postscript that she would be wearing her best new dress and her best new hat!
The sheer glee with which Schoeffler attacks these issues, and his unflagging commitment, make him a formidable adversary.