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unfetter / освобождать, снимать оковы
rid, free, exempt, release, loose, unfetter
снимать оковы
release from restraint or inhibition.
his imagination is unfettered by the laws of logic
And that won't work much longer, as Blair's desire to unfetter the executive from parliamentary - and Civil Service - control leads to further constitutional ‘reforms’.
The children were encouraged to unfetter their imaginations and let them soar, for it was more important to participate in the competition, rather than win the top prizes.
The new strategy marks a potentially realistic middle ground between competing legislative visions for how to control or unfetter the chaotic world of digital media and distribution.
the settlement fails to unfetter the market from anti-competitive conduct
It is ‘so full of exceptions no one will ever know if it will unfetter the market,’ he said.
In the past, when markets were more unfettered , swindlers were flagrant.
The act released his physical energies without unfettering his will.
Consumers instead flock to unauthorized sites offering unfettered music for free.
So much for the corporation's original justification that it could take risks unfettered by commercial pressures to attract new audiences.
It is healing and soothing to hold it, and it unfetters me from the energy of old ties.