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unfeigned / неподдельный, непритворный, искренний
имя прилагательное
genuine, unfeigned, inartificial, unaffected, native
unfeigned, true, uncoined
sincere, genuine, candid, heartfelt, honest, unfeigned
имя прилагательное
genuine; sincere.
a broad smile of unfeigned delight
This fine ballad on the solitude of a star who moves from town to town was made for a singer whose vulnerability was again, unfeigned .
What is most attractive about Elie's book is its earnest and unfeigned passion for such a worthy but unfashionable subject.
I would be irresponsible to criticise all newspapers for the actions of a minority when the majority are unfeigned and responsible.
She has a long speech at the end of the movie, which could have gone very wrong, but she simply delivers it with unfeigned naive honesty.
All eyes immediately lighted with unfeigned interest.
The only people who listen to him with unfeigned respect are sommeliers.
‘You reasoned it out beautifully,’ I exclaimed, in unfeigned admiration.
Though she had felt unfeigned at the time, the word had dug itself into her subconscious and remained there until it could reveal itself when she was alone.
As she leans with sinuous insouciance against Billy's flank, her unfeigned ease fills the image with sexual heat.
It is executed and performed with unspoiled and unfeigned good humor by everyone involved, which makes it a surprising, but most welcome winner.