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unfeeling / бесчувственный, бессердечный, жестокий
имя прилагательное
unfeeling, insensible, senseless, insensate, tearless, inhuman
heartless, callous, cruel, unfeeling, unnatural, cold-hearted
cruel, brutal, fierce, severe, ruthless, unfeeling
имя прилагательное
unsympathetic, harsh, or callous.
I don't mean to sound callous or unfeeling , and I can appreciate that the parents themselves are full of joy, but I just can't summon up any ersatz enthusiasm for other people's children.
The converse is also true; strong judgment without loving kindness is harsh and unfeeling .
The pain dulled his senses, making him an empty, unfeeling shell marching along the rough terrain.
If you're anything like me, you've spent a great deal of time wondering what the world was like through the eyes of a cold and unfeeling pet dog.
Worn over her unfeeling body, the suit gave the thirty-something Casey the strength of twenty men, and made her almost impervious to harm as well as giving her certain enhanced sensory abilities.
Could anybody be so unfeeling , cold-blooded, unmerciful and cruel I hear you ask?
But still, for me, the death sentence is too cold-blooded, too unfeeling .
People around thought he was cruel, unfeeling , hard-hearted.
The elderly of this city need and deserve peace and contentment, not the discontent and uncertainty being forced on them by heartless and unfeeling councillors.
More than likely their communication was very poor, but for the authorities to maintain that they were not seeking asylum and send them to Indonesia was callous and unfeeling .
Given this reality, it is no surprise that reviewers must seem, at times, to be unfeeling sadists who squeeze their salaries directly out of the crushed egos of young novelists.