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unfeasible / невыполнимо
impracticable, unrealizable
имя прилагательное
inconvenient or impractical.
childcare is expensive, making the return to work unfeasible for many women
He said there was an identified need and retailers had already expressed an interest in the site, because it was unfeasible to put large-scale retail development in the town centre.
That the islands are still an agreeable place to live is not in doubt, despite US claims that resettlement is unfeasible .
But was it really necessary for him to push his body to such unfeasible limits before the general public would put their hands in their pockets?
She claimed the plans were unfeasible and said they would undermine the Government's previous efforts in promoting national museums.
The pair go into the first Test in Kingston on Thursday with the chance of being part of a winning England touring side in the Caribbean - it is certainly not unfeasible and both can have a big part to play.
It was one of those magical moments of travel - a sudden, unexpected and entirely irrational feeling of elation, an unfeasible optimism.
It's easy to visualise mountains of paperwork, bustling assistants and urgent phone calls from New York and Tokyo, but it seems unfeasible that any of it could ruffle this lady's feathers.
The surviving corvids are continuing to hammer on the upstairs windows at unfeasible hours of the morning, so as far as I am concerned, the more of them the boys managed to shoot, the better.
But after months of debate, Rochdale Township committee ruled on Wednesday that moving the bronze statue was unfeasible because it could be damaged.
It's all here - ridiculous sound effects, frankly unfeasible flying leaps, slow motion sequences.