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unfasten / отстегивать, расстегивать, откреплять
unfasten, unstrap
unbutton, undo, unfasten
unfasten, unfix
open the fastening of; undo (something).
Allie stands before the mirror unfastening her earrings
Satisfied that I was safe for the time being I tried to unfasten the door again.
He dropped his cap on a chair, unbuttoned his overcoat, lifting up his chin to unfasten the throat buttons.
She nodded and unfastened her seat belt as Wil came around to open the door for her.
Without a word he reached to his side and untied another tarp bag, unfastening it but leaving it unopened on the desk in front of him.
The band unfastened with a snap and a pop, then blood flowed back into her arm.
Jack unfastened the lock and shoved the door open, much to Vaun's horror.
I slowly removed my earphones, secured my book, and unfastened my seatbelt.
I heard the door lock being unfastened and the door opened.
Steve could heard the sound of many, many locks being unfastened , then the door opened a crack.
Allsop unfastened the chain and threw the door open.