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unfashionable / немодный
имя прилагательное
unfashionable, naff, dowdy, dowdyish
имя прилагательное
not fashionable or popular at a particular time.
they lived in an unfashionable part of Houston
Apparently, this is an unfashionable part of fashionable Takapuna.
Repairing wrecked companies is a tricky task, whether they are in fashionable businesses like telecoms, or deeply unfashionable metal-bashing.
Clean-cut, in sharp suits, and with short hair at a time when that was unfashionable , they prowled around muttering into wires that protruded from their shirt cuffs.
And what Carter did is still very unfashionable .
This unfashionable voyeurism is perhaps the reason why British mainstream channels left live transmission of the event to Sky broadcasting corporation.
What is really worrying is that if art is fashionable to own, then what happens when it becomes unfashionable ?
Smoking is the most romantic suicide possible; it certainly isn't possible to say that smoking is profoundly unfashionable today - it patently is.
Fern gardens were not at all unusual then but, for whatever reason, they became unfashionable and for years now the only place you could find them would be in the tropical houses at Kew.
Their continued popularity is, I suspect, due to their unfashionable , housewifely nature.
So for an essay in popular science, the book's style is distinctly unfashionable .