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unfaithful / неверный, вероломный, неточный
имя прилагательное
incorrect, wrong, unfaithful, infidel, untrue, faithless
treacherous, perfidious, faithless, traitorous, unfaithful, false
inaccurate, imprecise, inexact, incorrect, loose, unfaithful
имя прилагательное
not faithful, in particular.
We speak of faithful, and unfaithful portraits.
The jury at Sheffield Crown Court heard Yarrow had also been convinced a previous girlfriend was unfaithful and had gone to extraordinary lengths to prove it.
I must not use it to put curses on unfaithful husbands, or make a married man fall in love with someone.
To be truly faithful requires us to bond ourselves to our unfaithful neighbours, to care about their lives, their world.
Personally, I don't care how faithful or unfaithful something is to its source.
‘Yeah, they are’ she said, but her smile was clearly strained and unfaithful to what she was feeling.
Even among those who are more sophisticated in their understanding of the term, there is still a suspicion that if we aren't careful, we'll sell out and conform to whatever postmodern is, and thus prove unfaithful to the gospel.
Yet it was through this situation that Hosea learned a lesson that God wanted him to deliver to Israel: Though the people were unfaithful , God would remain faithful.
Do you believe that your husband has been unfaithful to you at any time during your relationship?
I ask you, and I ask them, how can a woman who is faithful to her husband say she has brought it upon herself when she has an unfaithful partner?
Its call to repentance is grounded in the conviction that God will be lovingly faithful to unfaithful people.