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unfailing / неизменный, верный, неисчерпаемый
имя прилагательное
unaltered, constant, unchangeable, immutable, invariable, unfailing
right, true, faithful, loyal, correct, unfailing
inexhaustible, unfailing, inexhaustive, unexhaustible
имя прилагательное
without error or fault.
his unfailing memory for names
We will remember too, the joy he gave us, his unfailing kindness, generosity, his ready smile and huge sense of fun as well as his zest for living.
Hit-and-run cases and head-on collisions on the 62-km Ring Road around the city continue to hit the headlines with an unfailing regularity.
I expect (as will the management) the people of York will flock in their usual thousands to book for their pantomime and their dame whose own unfailing loyalty and unique talent has given us all so much pleasure year after year.
Everyone on the team demonstrated an unfailing cheerfulness that served us well.
My sister Ann and her family have also been an unfailing source of support in good as well as hard times.
We all owe police officers a debt of gratitude for their unfailing dedication and courage - ordinary men and women who perform an extraordinary job on all our behalf.
With unfailing constancy tomorrow becomes yet another today, full and hectic with characteristically unforgiving demands which brazenly refuse to be postponed.
She is/was a brilliant sub-editor and had an unfailing eye for errors of fact or style.
Her books have been a source of unfailing pleasure for me since I was about fourteen.
In fact this gorgeous headquarters will remain a silent but a constant reminder of the unfailing service of those who made this dream come true.