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unexplored / неисследованный, неизученный
имя прилагательное
unexplored, pathless
unexplored, unstudied
имя прилагательное
(of a country or area) not investigated or mapped.
The great outdoors of the Japanese Alps is there to greet you with spectacular views and some still unexplored areas.
Monitoring and attempts to access unexplored sites are ongoing, but new alliances must be made.
It was hard to choose between his heart and his mind, especially when those areas were vastly unexplored in his case.
The essays provide a glimpse into the many unexplored themes in Birmingham history.
Yet for all their efforts, little consensus on this topic has emerged, and many areas remain unexplored .
For all his efforts at acute self-examination, though, one area remains largely unexplored .
The area probably also harbours large unexplored oil resources.
Yet this is an area that is largely unexplored in the literature on research methods.
Work-life balance is now regarded as the political equivalent of unexplored Antarctica - virgin territory with huge potential.
For Africanist art historians, postal history and the images on stamps are unexplored fields.
Our work demands people's best and allows all of us to move ahead into unexplored areas.